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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 21:44

New Website

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I am happy to say that I have finally put some real effort into rebuilding my webpage.  I had to learn a few new tricks along the way, but in the end I am happy with all the new functionality.  In addition to the improved aesthetics, I have added blog components, a real e-commerce solution, an improved FAQ page, a user registration and last but not least a site that has some comprehension of working on smaller screens.  

Some might find it interesting that my website (and email server) has been running on a headless windows machine in my garage for years.  I built the machine from scratch as well as the apache service and the html/css code via Dreamweaver.  Everything now is running on a commercial NAS box (still in my garage) built with Joomla and a handful of added plugins.  Every bit of what you see and don't see is an improvement.   I am probably most excited about the blog feature.  One of the biggest frustrations I have is not having a good way of blasting news and info to the masses.  I know social media is the current solution to issues such as these.  But as somebody who is already time constrained, I am highly allergic to all forms of social media.   My hope is that having this blog space, I will be able to keep folks up to date in a more consistent way.    The e-commerce upgrade gives a better way to manage the different tune options and to help clarify the products.   The FAQ page looks and works about the same, but it is easier for me to organize, add and update.    The user registration aspect touches pretty much all areas of the website.  Registered users are able to purchase products, add ratings and reviews for all the products and to add comments to blog articles.  I also plan to add articles that only registered users can read.  

Right now I am pretty settled on the look and feel and all the main components are up and functional.  I am sure that there are broken parts that I haven't found, I still have a backlog of content to add and expand on.  Please take the opportunity to use the new comment feature below to point out any problems and any suggestions on how to improve.


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