Thursday, 09 February 2017 09:52

Update on Availability

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As you might have noticed, I currently show no stock for tunes on the product page.  This is because I have run out of Eprom chips and have no stock ECUs on hand.  The former is a bigger problem than the latter.   The chips that I use are non standard pieces and were made specifically for the subaru ECUs.  They are long since out of production and I have up until now been using old stock.  It seems that all old stock has essentially run out.    What this means is that tune availability will be on hold until I get an alternate solution in place. 

I have been working on a chip replacement off and on or a while as I knew this day would eventually come.   While I can't say my early attempts were as successful as I would have liked, I can say I am pretty sure I am on the right path.  I am nearing completion of my prototype's 3rd iteration and will be sending it off to the PCB fab house any day now.   If ver3 turns out to be the winner then shortly after testing I will be back up and running.  Best case scenario I see is mid March.  I will be adding a wait list feature to my out of stock products which will make notification and queuing of order fulfillment easier.  With all of that said, it is important to note that I still have ignition converters available for the ej22t owners and I can do re-tunes for those that already have a RobTune ECU.   I will also be adding injector adapters to my product page so keep an eye out for that.   Add comments or questions below if you are so inclined.

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